I m very impressed with the new Toyota Yaris Ativ 4 door saloon. It is  a very comfortable car with 7 airbags.

The ride comfort matches that of an expensive car. Okay it has a “small” 1.2 liter engine with the CVT Auto gear box. Power is adequate, but don’t expect to be the first from the lights. Consumption is excellent. The top model ‘S’ comes with climate control, reversing camera with rear sensors as well. Fanstatic !  Smart phone connectivity. One can connect to Toyota’s T-connect which has GPS maps and roadside break down service.  The car comes with a variety driver assists Stability control, Traction control, ABS, Brake assist and  Hill start Assist. From my point of view the comfort of the ride makes up for loss of a quick getaway. Size wise  It matches the Vios if not slightly bigger. The boot is  big with ample room for golf clubs . Something that 5 door Yaris lacks. One draw back  they no longer supply a spare tyre or a “doughnut” trye. Its just a small electric 12v pump and bottle of liquid to seal the puncture. That is  fine, but if damage is in the side wall then the repair kit is useless and one must wait for Toyota road side service .for my own  I have bought a spare trye and rim and put in the boot total cost 3,000 baht

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