All new Toyota Yaris Ativ

I m very impressed with the new Toyota Yaris Ativ 4 door saloon. It is ¬†a very comfortable car with 7 airbags. The ride comfort matches that of an expensive car. Okay it has a “small” 1.2 liter engine with the CVT Auto gear box. Power is adequate, but don’t expect to be the first…


Honda BRV verses Mitsubishi Xpander

Holiday Rent -a- Car l has both the Honda BRV and the Mitsubishi Xpander for rent. I have driven both the BRV has a firmer ride . but one of the most annoying things you can not raise or lower the drivers seat. Its indefinably smaller than the Xpander and doesn’t have the “bling” presence…


Checked & Ready to Go

All our 2018 cars are cleaned and checked by mechanic before its  ready to go out with a full tank of petrol.

Each car has a pre – inspection form which is completed jointly with our customers.

Any minor damage is noted.