Holiday Rent -a- Car l has both the Honda BRV and the Mitsubishi Xpander for rent. I have driven both the BRV has a firmer ride . but one of the most annoying things you can not raise or lower the drivers seat. Its indefinably smaller than the Xpander and doesn’t have the “bling” presence on the rood as the Xpander does.

Being a CVT Auto the power was okay, but not exciting.

Here is where the Xpander gets my vote. Its bigger. When I parked next a Mercedes SUV its the same size and height. And compared with the Fortuner a little smaller. One could say this is a poor mans Fortuner.

Inside it has individual front seating with the center consul inset high and wide feel. Gives  you can places to rest lots of things comfortably on the consul. The drivers seats adjusts up and down. the rear seats are spacious. An ordinary Auto box so you call upon power of a kick down .To top if off with cruise control.

Something the BRV hasn’t got !

The best thing is when you are traffic lights you don’t feel you are an apology for trying to be a big 7 seat. You are one of big 7 seat vehicles with style as well ! The  Xpander has” bling” Contact me on WhatsAPP +66 (0) 818 616 600